Mobile phone carparking - You can park in bay 27 today Mobile phone carparking - You can park in bay 27 today

Smarter staff parking Reduce the effort for your team to come to work

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Parkable for Business is an app that makes staff parking efficient, easy, and stress-free

Effortless for the team
Intuitive, easy parking

App parking is easy parking

The Parkable app is FREE to download, intuitive to use, and there isn’t a contract in sight. All your team needs is a smartphone - and stress-free parking has arrived.

Easy payments

All payments are made directly via the app, whether the payment covers a monthly subscription or an hour jumping into a meeting. Plus, for parks with hourly prices, your team or visitor only pays for the minutes that they parked for - they simply begin a parking session when they arrive, and end the session when they leave.

Transparent pricing

Whether you provide free parking, charge an hourly and daily rate, or have monthly subscriptions, your team will know in advance the price of their park.

Motorbikes, scooters and vans

Parkable for Business supports two and four-wheeled friends of all kinds, and encourages businesses to make use of all of their space, including those corners that don’t fit a car, but are perfect for a scooter.

Effortless for admin
Flexible, Visible, and Adaptable

No installation costs

With payment in-app, Parkable for Business doesn’t need costly ticketing machines and punitive hardware contracts. Flexibility is (figuratively) our middle name!

Keep tabs on your park

With Parkable for Business, you know at any given moment which bays are in use, which are available, and who is parking where. You also know which parks have already been reserved for tomorrow. By collecting this information over time, you can continuously use your parking space more efficiently.

Put areas aside for different groups

Parkable for Business allows you to allocate sections of your carpark to different groups within the business. For example, you can put the marketing team on level 1, near their offices, and sales on level 2, near theirs.

One platform to manage them all

Your business may have more than one car park, or parking bays scattered over different locations. Parkable for Business allows you to manage all of them from the same platform.

Integration with access control

At request, the app can be integrated with your park’s access control, so your team can just give the app a tap when they arrive at work for entry to the park.

Effortless journey planning
Four ways to use PfB

1. Subscription parking

Park in the same bay each day with a subscription. This is best for team members who come into the office everyday, and always drive in. On days that a subscription bay isn’t needed, they can share it with the rest of the team so someone else can use it!

2. Request in advance

For those without subscription bays, a park can be requested the day before. This way, everyone knows in advance whether there will be a bay waiting for them in the morning, and whether they should organise alternative transport.

3. Casual parking

When there are bays available, those who didn’t request a park can park casually. In the morning the team can check from home whether a free bay is available, and if they want it, just use the app to reserve the spot!

4. Outside the office

If there are no parks available in the work carpark, your team can check out the rest of the Parkable app - there may be casual parks nearby. In the future, Parkable for Business will also make it easy for your team to rideshare to work.

Effortless to share
When you don't need it, share it!

Share your space

If you have a subscription bay and don’t need it for the day, why not make it available to others in your team? Businesses can even incentivise sharing, by giving part or all of the profit made from sharing the bay back to the subscription holder. Wins all around!

Share your ride (Coming Soon!)

Ridesharing is a great way to lessen the demand for carparks, save your team money on transport, and reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Parkable for Business is working to make ridesharing easy to organise, too - watch this space!

Celebrate sharing

At Parkable, our goal is to encourage better parking behaviour by using space efficiently and reducing the number of vehicles on the road - and this means sharing space and sharing transport. Both of these also create an increased feeling of community and equity in the business.

So when someone is doing an awesome job, why not celebrate it? The Parkable for Business LeaderBoard keeps tabs on who is going the extra mile, celebrates their effort, and encourages everyone to take part in the sharing.

Get started…
Simple and FREE to implement, with pricing tailored to your business requirements and no crazy contracts.