Highwic Historic House 🏠

Raising funds to upkeep and preserve one of New Zealand’s heritage sites.

Parkable helps places like Highwic in Newmarket to raise funds to upkeep and preserve the historic house.

Being in the heart of Newmarket, there are always people needing parking. A historic house can have very specific requirements for maintenance and repairs. The extra income generated from listing their parking spaces on Parkable goes towards special projects to upgrade the house.

They use Parkable to make parking available to parkers during off-peak days and times.

Parkable Benefits

“It’s a really great way of having extra income for our property”

Having the flexibility to make changes to the availability of their car parks, in real-time, is a game changer. It provides a sustainable and flexible option for Highwic to scale up and down the number of spaces as and when they need it.

Are you looking for fundraising ideas? Use our earnings calculator to find out how much you can raise from your underutilised car parks!


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