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La Marzocco NZ uses Parkable to rent out their underutilised car parks to make extra cash.

Parkable will turn your underutilised car parks into income. As a Parkable host, you have full control of your parks and when you want to make it available.

As La Marzocco grew, they had taken on additional car parking spaces with their new lease that were not always in use. These space are listed on Parkable and available to parkers on days and times when they're not in use.

Having the ability to control the availability of the car parks in real-time from the app is a game changer. It provides a sustainable and flexible option for the business to scale up and down the number of spaces as and when they need it.

“It’s a way for businesses to earn a bit of extra money”

Being able to interact with the parkers is a plus—this gives La Marzocco an opportunity for their brand to engage with new clients. The income made from their Parkable car parks pays for the lease cost and any extra goes to the office's social fund.

Do you have underutilised car parks at your business? Use our earnings calculator to find out how much you can earn from using Parkable.



$25 /per day

$25 /per month

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Local team

Have questions? We’re here for whatever you need. Get direct support from the New Zealand Parkable team by getting in touch here. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions on our resources section.


App parking is easy parking

The Parkable app is FREE to download, intuitive to use, and there isn’t a contract in sight. All your team needs is a smartphone - and stress-free parking has arrived.


Easy payments

All payments are made directly via the app, whether the payment covers a casual session or weekly/monthly subscriptions. Parkers simply begin a parking session when they arrive, and end the session when they leave.

Transparent pricing

Whether you charge an hourly and daily rate or have weekly and monthly subscriptions, parkers will know in advance how much they will be paying for their parking session.


Keep tabs on your park

With Parkable, you will know at any given moment which bays are in use, which are available and who is parking where. You will also know which parking bays have reservations for the following day. By collecting this information over time, you will get a better understanding of the usage of your parking spaces and will be able to make decision to use your parking space more efficiently.


Integration with access control

At request, the app can be integrated with your park’s access control, so parkers can just give the app a tap when they arrive for entry to your car park.


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