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I'm having problems starting a parking session.

Why does the app show a park as reserved or full when the space is empty?

When the app tells you that an empty park is 'reserved' or 'full', this is because someone has reserved the space and is on their way to fill it. By parking your vehicle in a space without a session started, you are stealing space from some who has paid for it.

Why is the app showing me a payment error when I try to start my session?

If you can't start a parking session due to an unresolved payment, make sure that your card details have been loaded correctly, your card is valid, and you have sufficient funds. If you still receive an error message, flick us an email on and we'll resolve it for you.

What if Parkable doesn't have a space where I need to park?

If you have a specific request or an area you'd like us to look at, let us know!

My vehicle is locked in a Parkable site. Help!

If your car is locked in outside of the park's available hours, you can reach us for help on (09) 320 3418.

Please note: parking outside of available times puts you under the risk of being towed or enforced. A callout fee applies for after hours retrieval.

Vehicle been towed or broken into?

If your car has been damaged at a Parkable site, please send us a detailed email at Parkable is not liable for damages but we'll do everything we can to help with your insurance claim.  Certain sites may be able to provide CCTV footage upon request.

If your car has been towed from a Parkable site and there is no information in regards to vehicle retrieval, please contact us on (09) 320 34 18.

My space has been occupied by another vehicle.

Check the address, read the instructions under "details" carefully and verify that the space is available or that you've booked it (by reservation or by pushing "Start Parking"). If someone is there, but the space is listed as available or booked by you, please message the host saying there is a car parked in your space. Include the make and colour of car, and it’s registration number.

If you get no response from the host you can message Parkable via the app, or call us on (09) 320 3418.

Be sure to let us know the registration number of the vehicle. We will resolve the issue as soon as possible and help you find alternative parking in the meantime.

I'm having trouble logging into my account.

If you have already reset your password and still can't log in, try this:

  • Check that you have the latest version of the app and that your device is connected to the internet.
  • Make sure your username is correct. Parkable is case-sensitive, so when you log in, your username must be exactly right - down to whether the letters are lower or upper case. 
  • We've noticed that some phones add a space to the end of usernames, so add a space and give it another go!

If you still need help, flick us an email on and we'll get back to you ASAP!

I'm having problems stopping a parking session.

If you are experiencing problems with ending your parking session, first give the app a few minutes to process the request. If you are still uncertain whether your session has ended, flick us a message on the app, or email us at We will then either confirm that your session has ended or end it for you. 

If you receive any additional charges due to an app error and our inability to respond immediately, don't worry! Just flick us a message or email and we'll make sure any extra charges are reversed back to your card.

My session has run longer than I intended.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to end your parking session when you leave the park. If you find yourself forgetting more than once, a great idea is to set a daily reminder at the end of the day. 

If it was an app error which prevented the session from ending, send us an email at with your username and registration number. You can also send us a plea as a first-time user; chances are we'll be in a good mood and reverse your additional charges. 

Can I trust Parkable with my Credit Card?

We use a secure third-party secure payment solution Stripe for all parking charges.

Can I really park my car in a 24 hour zone?

Yeap! If the the park is available on the app, you can park there. Remember to check the availability of the park as your vehicle may be enforced outside the stated hours.

The park is physically empty but it is showing as unavailable on the app.

This happens frequently at our popular parks. This occurs when there is a maximum number of parking sessions active for the park. The car park may be physically vacant but is reserved for another parker who is making their way to the park. If you park without a parking session, your vehicle will be enforced.

Why does Parkable need permission to send me push messages?

We use push notifications to communicate to you. We let you know when your parking session has started or stopped. Notifications also make communications between us a lot quicker when you get in touch with us from the app!

Why did Parkable charge me $1

When you add your credit card to your Parkable account, we'll put a hold on $1. We do this to authenticate the credit card and make sure that the card details are correct. We refund this as soon as your card is authenticated.

What does a reservation do?

A reservation allows you to pre-book at space when you leave, holding the space for you for 30 minutes at no cost to you. Once you arrive at the parking space, you'll need to push "Start Parking". To reserve a space, simply click on the space you want and hit the  "Reserve" button.

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