Toby Littin
Chief Executive Officer

Toby is a passionate entrepreneur, investor, and business leader, having founded and exited a number of technology and energy businesses. His background in venture capital fund management, and technology commercialisation, plus senior management roles in both small and large businesses brings a wealth of knowledge and capability to the team.

Toby is driven by business success and disrupting legacy markets with ground breaking technology – and doing so from the most beautiful place on earth…. New Zealand.


Brody Nelson
Technology Director

Brody is a talented technical lead who has both enterprise and startup experience in New Zealand and internationally. Previously Brody has delivered enterprise solutions for GlaxoSmithKline, MGM and the National Health Service in the UK.

Brody has also worked for several London based production houses as a senior developer and mobile lead and currently runs his own digital production company. Brody is passionate about building disruptive technology and creating a technology hub in New Zealand 


Warwick Beauchamp
Sales Director

Warwick is a successful Entrepreneur, Educator, Author, Business Coach & Advisor. Warwick is passionate about Entrepreneurship & Business success and brings a wealth of experience in Sales and Marketing, and business performance to the team.


Martin Dykes
Lead Android Developer

Martin has been developing software for mobile devices since the days when words such as Symbian and Palm Pilot were in the  common vernacular. He has worked in a number of fast paced industries including digital broadcast transmission and real time finance in the heart of London's banking district.


Martin Keane
Lead Developer

Martin is a developer and engineer. He holds a PhD in engineering, and has developed a range of software packages for fields as diverse as building acoustics and realtime out-of-home installations. Martin is an experienced Swift and Java developer who is responsible for our iOS App.



Jervis Koo
Digital Marketing Manager

Jervis has been with the Parkable team since inception, developing and growing the Parkable brand through digital marketing, communications and all the other odd jobs that a startup throws at you. 

Jervis comes from an analytical background and loves numbers! He leads our ever growing team of marketers and marketing partners.


Nigel Cotton
Sales Manager

Nigel is our man on the ground, ensuring that the number of parks on the platform are growing every day!

Nigel's wealth of experience in sales is crucial to the success of Parkable and he leads our sales team.


Paul Field
Partnership Manager

Paul comes from a strong background in the commercial property space and his relationships with key stakeholders in the space is invaluable to the team.

Paul forms and manages key partnerships with our industry partners, and has taken a lead in Parkable's latest development, Parkable for Business.


Alicia Beauchamp
Operations Manager

Alicia has also been with the Parkable team since the early days and is our top people person.  She leads our admin team and implements efficient processes to our day-to-day operations.

Alicia also joins Paul in leading Parkable for Business.